We engineer intuitive, interactive, and influential user experience. We are awesome FRONTEND DEVELOPERS and we breath life in your app’s user interface.


Experienced Frontend Developers

One thing every super successful applications have in common is, they all have high performing user interface. Some are simple yet intuitive, while others are provocative and effectively interactive. Performance of a user experience and interface can make and break an app and we here at INNORA have mastered the art of high performance Frontend development.

We are experienced frontend designers and developers with expertise in all frontend technologies.

Designers and Coders

Frontend Designing Services

A strong user experience plays a huge role in making an app successful. We understand the power of intuitive, user friendly, and high performing user interface. We have a decade long experience in creating awesome and stylish front-end and we bring this experience to every engagement.

We here at INNORA are not only experts in coding pixel perfect frontend, but also have experience in creating award winning web and mobile design.


Most Popular JavaScript Framework

AngularJS Development Services

The world’s most popular JavaScript Framework, AngularJS, is a robust framework for creating stunning web and mobile apps quickly. As one of the most experienced developers in AngularJS and JavaScript based front-end, we have used the framework for small to enterprise level projects.

Taking JavaScript To Next Level

CoffeeScript Development

A higher level programming language that complies into JavaScript, CoffeeScript is used to make the process of JavaScript-based development simpler and faster. We have expertise in the condensed programming language and develop incredible web apps using the technology.

Frontend For The Mobile

Sencha Development Services

A feature rich HTML5, CSS3, and JavaScript framework, Sencha is used to create powerful user interfaces for both web and mobile. We specialize in creating cross-platform mobile applications and high-performing web applications using Sencha.

Framework That Powers Billions Of Website

Bootstrap Development

Hands-down the most popular HTML/CSS and JS framework for creating responsive websites, Bootstrap powers a billion+ websites, portals, pages, and all manners of applications. We use Bootstrap in nearly all of our projects and have used it for projects of every size.

One More MVC Framework

EmberJS Development

Handlebar templates, custom HTML tags, robust routing, model-view-controller architecture, these are some of the features that make EmberJS a choice of frontend and web app framework for startups and enterprises alike.

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