Mobile has already become prevalent over the desktop. In current market`s conditions, a mobile application is a must for businesses and startups.

When your company is faced with the issue of mobile app development, at INNORA we offer our customers a native mobile development, as it allows delivering the best customer services.


Our mobile development team is made up of 15+ professionals with successful experience in 50+ large-scale and medium-sized projects for iOS and Android. All of them  possess expert skills and expertise to deliver products using the advanced features of mobile technologies. Years of experience help INNORA to deliver mobile applications of any complexity and for different domains.

Here at INNORA we adhere to the transparent project management scheme that empowers the principles of efficient task prioritization, smart resource management and adjustment to client`s methodology. These cooperation rules provide our client with the opportunity to receive up-to-date project information upon the first request. We are committed to develop your product faster and reduce the overall cost of development and maintenance.

So what are the key advantages of the native mobile application development?

Higher Performance

As native app development service provides the product specifically for a certain operation system, it makes the performance of application faster and smarter. This factor is crucial for applications with a huge amount of data.

Better UX

Both iOS and Android operating systems have their individual specifications and feature that user got used to. Hybrid app development can`t provide good UX/UI design for every operating system at the same time. That means that without native application for every group of users, you may lose one of them.

Easier access to built-in capabilities of the smartphone.

The native mobile application gives the better access for build-in functionalities of smartphones such as camera, GPS, accelerometer, microphone, calendar, etc. While having a cross-platform application provides only limited access to all these services. Can you imagine the application that can impress user without all those features?

Better Security

Security of mobile application allows distinguishing qualitative application from the unsafe one. To guarantee safekeeping of application`s data mobile device requires better performance of the system.

Better access to the audience

App markets give better support to the applications that use native app development. Such applications can be more quickly discovered by users and get more marketing options and promotional support from the platform.

Eliminating need for the permanent internet connection

When it comes to cross-platform applications, sustainable internet connection is always required. At the same time, the native mobile app can work without the web.

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