We leverage Salesforce potential to accelerate your business.

INNORA is a trusted Salesforce partner providing innovative and highly personalized services around Salesforce solutions to help clients expand their business operating capacity, accelerate the sales cycle and stay at the forefront of the technology curve.

Innora Salesforce Consulting Services

The job of a consulting specialist is to define the best configuration for implementation based on environment and the nuances of the client's operations. They provide a thoughtful and experience-based answers to any questions related to the cloud technologies.

Trained and certified consulting experts at INNORA offer their skills and knowledge for an all-inclusive range of services:

  • Supply technical and economic expertise in cloud capacities;
  • Provide sufficient information to proceed with development and integration;
  • Identify and outline possible problems;
  • Lay out a roadmap for platform implementation;
  • Explain complicated IT environment to managers and employees.

Innora Salesforce Implementation Services

Salesforce is a reasonable choice of thousands of businesses. Before Salesforce implementation happens, the deployment configuration has to be adjusted to the business environment and thoroughly tested. A partially automated setup is possible for an off-the-shelf system, but a custom system requires much more than mere installation.

INNORA responsibilities in implementation include the following activities:

  • Collect business and system requirements;
  • Create implementation roadmap and project specifications;
  • Implement and engineer connectors and interfaces;
  • Ensure successful system integration in the client’s environment.

Innora Salesforce Development Services

The ecosystem has everything a business needs. But all businesses are unique, and there are special needs as well. INNORA is well-equipped to handle any requests from a client, and our technical expertise extends far beyond daily situations.

Salesforce development is carried out as a number of activities:

  • Analyze requirements and technical challenges;
  • Design the best solution the company's workflow and support it with specifications;
  • Build hardware and software architecture for data storage and processing;
  • Develop modules or middleware for the cloud platform and its components;
  • Implement all needed integration stages to create failure proof connection and effective communication;
  • Test and deploy the system.

Innora Salesforce Integration Services

Innora provides top quality service to medium and big clients. As an experienced Salesforce partner, we have already implemented our competencies in e-commerce projects and larger business environments.

We have proven acumen to tie together Salesforce and other platforms into a powerful solution to cater to unique client’s needs. We implement technologically and functionally sound cloud-based products in line with business processes and infrastructural challenges.

Our experts and engineers:

  • Ensure consistency of data;
  • Map all integration sources;
  • Identify potential roadblocks and bottlenecks;
  • Provide interconnectivity of the system;
  • Develop unified interfaces for all system users.

Why choose Innora as your Salesforce partner?


We research business specifics, study current processes and existing systems, and help you come up with the most feasible and viable solution to refine and optimize them with our Salesforce consulting services.


Our methodology of Salesforce integration, implementation and development has proved to be efficient, flexible and feasible for projects of any scale and complexity.


As a client-oriented Salesforce ISV, we deliver bespoke and highly personalized cloud solutions that comply with clients’ needs and can be adjusted to changing business and technology requirements.


Based on project goals and business needs, we create a dedicated team of tech savvy professionals who can bring the best solutions to project challenges and ensure its implementation on time, within budget and of required quality.

Get benefit of our FREE professional input about your Salesforce development.

Experts perform deep review of your businesses requirements and prepare detailed findings report to consider in further development.

Let's get in touch! Please feel free to drop us a line at hello@innora.com.ua , or give us a call   +38 (044) 290-94-47.