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Why choose us as your Robotic Process Automation Implementation Partner

RPA is in our DNA

Our consulting team is comprised of certified and highly specialized RPA engineers with years of experience in automation and digital transformation.

UiPath Champion

We are one of the best UiPath partners in Eastern Europe.

Flexible Engagement and Cost Models

We provide a diverse portfolio of services that can be delivered onshore or nearshore; everything from project staffing, strategic engagements/programs through white-glove managed services.


Delivery Approach

Our unique blended delivery approach ensures our clients work along with our consultants during the implementation phase so they can develop and retain RPA knowledge in-house in the long-term.

Speed of Implementation

Our highly efficient building methodologies allow for rapid digital transformation, while our scalable infrastructure allows you to scale up or down during busier or less busy times.

An Adaptable Framework

We implement the adaptable framework built by UiPath, that allows for future automation to be implemented easily.

Our 360° RPA Services


RPA Assessment

We believe that experienced scoping on engagements and building a robust, automation pipeline is vital to realizing RPA impact across the enterprise. Our team provide a high touch, automation assessment using experienced staff to find high quality automation candidates across the enterprise.

At the onset of the assessment, we determine where the client organization currently sits regarding its RPA maturity and readiness. By leveraging client's existing resources, organization, data, technology, and operations, we uniquely tailor the pipeline of RPA solutions. This customized understanding, ensures maximum agility and implementation speed.


Process Mining & Optimization

In order to maximize the ROI potential of automation, and build a continuous process automation pipeline to scale RPA, we leverage Process Mining technologies to capture a holistic view of the end-to-end process in order to identify bottlenecks, and calculate automation potential.

The automation pipeline is a justified, ROI and Speed-to-Market minded stack ranking. Each use case in the pipeline is documented in detail, to include the human to machine process, interfaces, level of effort, dependencies, potential impact and break-even analysis. We don’t just automate the process as it is. We envision the process as it should be.


RPA Development & Deployment

Based on your workload, we customize the implementation staffing of certified developers to ensure efficient delivery of the selected business processes for automation and deploy them for production.

Under our unique delivery model, we take a phased approach where we bring our clients' staff to implementation and development so that they can learn the ins-and-outs of developing automations in their own environment with an advanced partner to support them with success.


RPA Training

As a UiPath Partner, we will help build your internal RPA expertise from the ground up. Our courses are designed to provide a hands-on experience and exposure to students creating software robots in the UiPath RPA platform. Our certified experts will leverage their expertise to provide guidance on building effective RPA solutions to automate processes within your organization.


Robotic Operations Center

Your RPA deployment is important to us, and we want to ensure your automations are performing at the highest level possible consistently and constantly.

Our Robotic Operations Center (ROC) offering provides multiple options for Service Level (SLA) response based on client need. Our 24x7 autonomic monitoring, response, and incident management provides high availability and minimizes risk. 

What can we do for your business

Process Discovery

    Process audit
    Automation roadmap

RPA Planning

    Maturity assessment
    Process mapping and design
    Process optimization
    Centre of excellence creation

RPA Implementation

    Architecture setup
    Intelligent bots development
    Refactoring of existing processes
    Business automation implementation

Client Care

    Project support
    Employee training and onboarding
    Best practices workshops

Getting the most of Intelligent Automation + AI solutions

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General processes

● Document classification and management● Data entry, extraction, update, and validation● Periodic report preparation and dissemination● Mass email creation and dispatching● Data-driven decision-making

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HR and recruitment

● Candidate screening and shortlisting● Payroll and time management automation● Compensation and expense management solution● New hire onboarding and training● HR virtual assistants

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Retail and logistics

● Supply chain planning and optimization● Business and sales analytics● Inventory management and product categorization● ERP and marketing optimization● Enhanced customer support services

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Banking and financial

● Invoice and document processing● Fraudulent activities monitoring and notification● Customer and account inquiries● CC, loans, and mortgage processing● Auditing and regulatory compliance

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Hear from our Clients

"Wow, what a treat! With Innora’s help, I managed to get a super-complex project on time at half the cost of a large consulting company from my country.
They listened carefully to the project needs and executed without needing redirection. Their programming was much more sophisticated than anything we could have ever developed. They are very knowledgeable on qualitative RPA development services as well as other technical requirements when we ran into any roadblocks.
They are professional, dedicated, and super-curious about everything there is to know about UiPath."

Alex Dukhanin

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